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Have you heard about “green diet”? If you do, perhaps you often hear it from health-conscious friends or family members, or maybe have read it from health blogs and channels.

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Vegetables and Fruits Garden

Eating clean and green foods is believed to be the healthy diet option. For decades, we have taught by experts such as dieticians and nutritionists that eating green foods like fruits and vegetables helps our body become stronger against sickness and diseases. Several studies have also shown that such kind of foods can help our body fight against stress and aging. These are the reasons why most parents in Perth and other states around the world encourage their kids to eat green as young as they are.

Green diet is basically eating foods that are produced in the gardens and farms rather than processed from factories and manufacturing rooms. If you want to be healthy together with your family, you should encourage everyone to substitute fruits and vegetables for packaged food or even meat. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a vegetarian or cut out need all together. But if you do decide not to consume any meats during your green diet for a day you’ll be doing much more to help the environment.

When your kids eat fruits and vegetables, they will have more supply of vitamins and minerals which their body and brain need in order to function properly and for their long-term health. You can green up your kids’ diet by getting rid of the vitamins and supplements that come in bottles. Researches have shown several report that vitamins from the pills are not as effective as the vitamins from the unprocessed food.

The perfect place to get the vegetables for your green diet is right from your own organic garden. So if you want to enjoy green foods and outdoor environment at the same time, make them love your garden, read this article: https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/getting-kids-in-the-garden-ng-b88927409z