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Marketing on social media is not new especially to Perth business owners. Social media has been around for about a few years and has been widely used as a marketing platform by all kinds of businesses around the world. A brief definition of it is the process of increasing traffic to your site or gaining attention online though social media sites.

What is social media? Social media is basically a virtual world where humans can interact and share pieces of content such as text, videos, music, or photos.

Social media marketing is very important to enhance and support search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts as once a page of a site or a link is found by social media users, it can then go ‘viral’ pointing many links back to the website which in turn is seen as a sign of popularity to the search genies and giving a boost in rankings to the said site.

Facebook is perhaps the biggest social networking site these days. It is the easiest and most common social media site that people have heard of. Although Twitter has millions of users, many people only use Twitter to follow celebrities or directly for their business. An average Australian won’t always be using Instagram or Twitter, but is more likely to own a Facebook account.

For more on social media marketing, read this: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7832-social-media-for-business.html

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Are you setting up a new business? If you are, you are definitely feeling super excited to produce a different product or service, or set up a new website. However, it could take all of your attention. New start-ups and business owners are often caught up in the day-to-day managing of the business.

Although product development as well as website design can have a major influence on the success of the business, one element that is typically neglected is the financial management of the business. Managing and predicting long-term cash flows could have a significant influence on the probability of success for the business because of the limited resources as well as possibilities of quick growth.

For the new small business owner, their enthusiasm usually focuses in the product creation or field that they will be joining. Although not their top focus, maintaining the business finances can indicate to the owner when they may expect to need outside capital to continue their growth.

When trying to find venture capital or seed funding, managing small business finances can also be critical for businesses. While trying to get outside funding, a major step that is needed is to estimate how much the business is worth.

Managing your money is so important. It is more than just knowing how much your small business has. Instead, you also need to understand the financial state and cash flow of your business. Read more at: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-advice/financial-management

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So, you already have your business plan, resources, and you are all set and raring to become an entrepreneur, but you know you have to do something about the premises first. Once you have decided to start your business, you should be thinking along those lines, because once you stock up it will be too late to call the builders and the decorators in for at least a year or so. Therefore, it is time to make sure that your building is ‘fit for purpose’, before you redecorate.

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Owners of businesses, regardless of type, will need premises of some kind. Others may need a shop, office, workshop or warehouse, but a decision will have to be made as to where to locate the business.

When looking for a premise, the first thing you should be thinking about is your type of business. The type of business you are running will determine what type of building you need. There are a number of things to consider when making a decision on from which type of premises to operate your business.

When you are into business, you obviously want to earn as much profit as possible. In order to do this, you need to minimise your cost. Hence, when looking for a business premise, it has to be affordable. However, you still need to make sure that that it is in nice location, secured, accessible, and has enough size.

There are several types of business premise. For more details, check out this link: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-topics/premises-location/types-of-business-premises

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