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The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house in terms of size. Despite that, we actually spend a fair amount of time in this room: it is the place where we clean ourselves to get ready for our work, and the place where we refresh ourselves after a long tiring day.

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In addition, the bathroom is also where we often share with our guests to our home. As such, the bathroom is a place that should be clean and comfortable, which is why the bathroom is the most renovated room in the house next to the kitchen (go to SmartStyleBathrooms.com.au for more details).

There are a few signs that you need a bathroom renovation. If you want that you and your visitors’ first reaction when you enter your bathroom is WOW, then you need a bathroom renovation.

A bathroom renovation should also be considered when the room is already messy. It is easily the room in your home most susceptible to mould, mildew, and other signs of water damage. As our bathrooms age, fixtures become more drab looking and mildew stains between tiles become more prevalent. Remodelling this room can make it more relaxed and you no longer feel stressed and disgusted.

When you decide to sell your home, you want to be sure that all areas look at their best. A bathroom renovation project can be expensive but a simple bathroom renovation can increase the value of your property; make some simple upgrades that drastically impact the market price of your home.

Bathroom renovation takes a lot of time and requires money and effort. However, it can bring many benefits to you and the satisfaction it can give you is priceless. If you want a less stress and more convenient bathroom renovation, you can hire a professional bathroom renovation expert.


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Southern Cross Cleaning for office cleaning services in PerthPeople around the world are steadily discovering the positive benefits of GREEN living. We, as well as the other organisations that are environmentally concern, are promoting the exclusive use of products and services with very small to zero impact on the environment.

One of our goals is to encourage office and residential owners around the world to eliminate the utilisation of cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals that linger in the air and have potential of causing harm to the people around the premise.

So for business or office owners, we encourage your all to use green cleaning method or hire a company like Southern Cross Cleaning for office cleaning services in Perth or any other service-providers who are using green cleaning methods. Aside from decreasing the possibility of hazardous chemical spills in the workplace, hiring an environmentally-conscious cleaner can help reduce the amount of sick days for your employees.

Office cleaning is not all about spotless and bright results. When cleaning your office, you should consider its impact to the environment as well on your health. Use green cleaning method and start living healthy.


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Marketing on social media is not new. Social media has been around for about a few years and has been widely used as a marketing platform by all kinds of businesses around the world. A brief definition of it is the process of increasing traffic to your site or gaining attention online though social media sites.

What is social media? Social media is basically a virtual world where humans can interact and share pieces of content such as text, videos, music, or photos.

Social media marketing is very important to enhance and support search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts as once a page of a site or a link is found by social media users, it can then go ‘viral’ pointing many links back to the website which in turn is seen as a sign of popularity to the search genies and giving a boost in rankings to the said site.

Facebook is perhaps the biggest social networking site these days. It is the easiest and most common social media site that people have heard of. Although Twitter has millions of users, many people only use Twitter to follow celebrities or directly for their business. An average Australian won’t always be using Instagram or Twitter, but is more likely to own a Facebook account.

For more on social media marketing, read this: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7832-social-media-for-business.html

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Are you setting up a new business? If you are, you are definitely feeling super excited to produce a different product or service, or set up a new website. However, it could take all of your attention. New start-ups and business owners are often caught up in the day-to-day managing of the business.

Although product development as well as website design can have a major influence on the success of the business, one element that is typically neglected is the financial management of the business. Managing and predicting long-term cash flows could have a significant influence on the probability of success for the business because of the limited resources as well as possibilities of quick growth.

For the new small business owner, their enthusiasm usually focuses in the product creation or field that they will be joining. Although not their top focus, maintaining the business finances can indicate to the owner when they may expect to need outside capital to continue their growth.

When trying to find venture capital or seed funding, managing small business finances can also be critical for businesses. While trying to get outside funding, a major step that is needed is to estimate how much the business is worth.

Managing your money is so important. It is more than just knowing how much your small business has. Instead, you also need to understand the financial state and cash flow of your business. Read more at: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-advice/financial-management

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So, you already have your business plan, resources, and you are all set and raring to become an entrepreneur, but you know you have to do something about the premises first. Once you have decided to start your business, you should be thinking along those lines, because once you stock up it will be too late to call the builders and the decorators in for at least a year or so. Therefore, it is time to make sure that your building is ‘fit for purpose’, before you redecorate.

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Owners of businesses, regardless of type, will need premises of some kind. Others may need a shop, office, workshop or warehouse, but a decision will have to be made as to where to locate the business.

When looking for a premise, the first thing you should be thinking about is your type of business. The type of business you are running will determine what type of building you need. There are a number of things to consider when making a decision on from which type of premises to operate your business.

When you are into business, you obviously want to earn as much profit as possible. In order to do this, you need to minimise your cost. Hence, when looking for a business premise, it has to be affordable. However, you still need to make sure that that it is in nice location, secured, accessible, and has enough size.

There are several types of business premise. For more details, check out this link: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/business-topics/premises-location/types-of-business-premises

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Commercial Cleaning Perth

Sadly, some people do not have concern for the environment. They tend to throw their garbage everywhere and we often see junks in rivers, lakes and other natural resources. It pollutes all living things in the bodies of water.

Garbage or waste disposal is a growing economic concern because of the negative effect that it brings to a certain community. Rubbish carries a lot of microorganisms that can be dangerous to human health. In this regard, the government came up with waste management programs that will address the problem.

Many of us do not understand the concept of waste management disposal. In layman’s term, it is basically the process of management of all the rubbishes and waste products accumulated by a certain city, town or community. In reality, waste management program does not stop from collecting junks and putting them in a sanitary landfill. The program goes far beyond that. Waste management includes monitoring, collecting junks, transportation, processing and recycling or disposal.

When it comes to monitoring waste, this process includes the identification of possible solutions or recycling opportunities and how to minimize waste in a local area. The government on this part keeps a record on the different tasks that can be done in order to minimise garbage in their community.

To learn more about the other services offered and the waste disposal programs implemented by the city of Perth, Western Australia, check this out: http://www.perth.wa.gov.au/living-community/waste-and-recycling-services

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Wind. We don’t see it but it touches our faces, pushes our clothes, carries our kites and makes us feel nippy at certain times of the year. But wind has always had that ability to power or propel vehicles such as a sail boat and even bigger sized ship of old. With the world moving on the path of renewable and clean energy, this wind power is looking up to be one reliable provider of such and this is all done by the wind turbine.

One of the better illustrations of how this contraption works is the common electric fan. As electricity is used to power the motor causing the blades to spin and provide a constant breeze, the wind turbine works on exactly the reverse principle. It captured or takes the energy from the wind as the blades turn, causing a production of energy which is then sent to a grid to be distributed to whatever apparatus or appliance needs power. So how does this “faceless”, clean and unlimited source of energy be harnessed and provide people with warm, light and heat? It is all in the design and innovation of an ancient technology to surpass its original function and meet a more pressing challenge of keeping the remaining resources of the planet and saving it from the destruction from fossil fuels.

The basic design of a wind turbine is like a gigantic electric fan. There are 4 essential components to making a wind turbine work. The blades or rotors are the ones that face the wind and spin as it passes through. They can vary in material and technological advancements such as computer controlled rotors that can adjust with the wind and flexible resilient compounds but it simply turns the wind energy into mechanical energy. While the blades turns, it is connected to a second and vital component called the gearbox. Since the large rotation of the blades is practically too slow to generate power, the gearbox converts the slow spinning motion into a high speed rotary one  enough to generate electricity. The power is created in the third component which is the generator and the very last is the sturdy, sometimes concrete shaft upon where the wind turbine is perched. Within the shaft are cables that lead to batteries to store the electricity or to channel it into a power grid leading to households. As basic as the concept is, much study and technological enhancements are being done to tap the most if not 100% of wind energy. Who knew that an invention back in 200 BC to pump water, grist milling and sugar cane squeezing, and grinding wheat and corn could actually play a part in keeping the planet green and healthy?

But what is stopping people from just planting these things anywhere? Wind turbines can somewhat be likened to businesses where the important factor is “location, location, location!” Wind turbines cannot work when there is no wind so site studies are required to observe and record data on the frequency, strength and most importantly its consistency. Wind turbines need to be positioned approximately 280 feet above the ground to catch a stronger gust in an area that is clear of tall buildings that would reduce the wind’s energy or strength. Think of standing on the highest point of a hill. Without any obstructions in the wind’s path, a person can lean into it without falling over. Having the prime location for wind turbines may be all for naught if placing of each turbine is not correct. Since the turbines remove or take the energy from the wind, it would greatly affect what would be going to the other turbines misplaced closely behind or beside it. Dispersed wind would not be at all beneficial for harnessing a good amount of energy.

With the wind energy industry picking up its pace and progress, it gives a new definition to the air that we breathe. The air that we breathe doesn’t just fill us with oxygen; it can provide a home with heat, power and a healthy way of living.

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Not many know that relaxing in a natural hot spring to relieve stress is the key to the world’s future in relieving energy and environmental problems. Once this resource’s full potential is unlocked, it would just like “Old Faithful”: reliable, natural and “faithful” in continuously sustaining life and saving other natural resources. This is called Geothermal Energy, power harnessed from the heat (thermos) kept in the earth (geo) as well as the degradation of radioactive minerals. This stored energy is captured by a system of pipe and conduits that properly channel heat and steam to power turbines or simply just radiate warm temperatures.

Evidence of geothermal energy already integrated into daily living can be seen in countries such as Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Unites States. Direct-Used Piped hot water is utilized to heat buildings during cold seasons and provide warmth in greenhouses. Dehydration of produce, pasteurization of milk and even fish farms are benefitting from the resources. Pipes are also installed under roads to facilitate in the hastening of ice and snow melting.

Geothermal Heat Pumps uses the heat of shallow ground to cool or heat up buildings and homes depending on the season. With the design of pipes in the ground, ducts and air exchangers, hot air can be pulled out to give a cooler temperature or let in to increase it.

Providing natural heat is one thing however producing electricity to drive most of our present day technology is another matter. This is where experts in various fields come together in designing, building, and operating a Geothermal Reservoir. Wells more than a mile are drilled and steam and hot water are used to drive powerful turbines to generate electricity. Three types of geothermal plants are utilized today: Dry steam plants use hot steam greater than 455 F wherein the steam travels to turbines via pipes hence generating electricity. This type has been first used in Lardarello, Italy 1904. Another are the Flash Steam Plants where hot water, at greater than 360 F is released from a pressurized reservoir and the sudden change of temperature vaporizes the water to steam, spinning the turbine.  Third is the Binary Cycle Power Plant that uses hot geothermal fluid less than 400 F and a secondary low boiling point fluid that passes through a heat exchanger and vaporizing the secondary fluid.

The mechanics of geothermal energy for producing electricity requires the technology and knowledge of hot springs, deep oil and water well drilling, construction and maintenance of magma conduits and hydrothermal machineries among others. With all these vital areas, various expertises are required thus providing career opportunities to many. Welders, mechanics, pipe fitters, plumbers, machinists, electricians, carpenters, construction workers, drilling equipment operators and excavators, surveyors, architects, geologists, hydrologists, HVAC technologists, managers, regulatory and environment consultants and many more that reach positions in research and development.

Internationally the world’s geothermal sources have increased between the years 1990 to 2000 with an average of 3.5% every year and a 13% percent increase of Direct Use as well. At present the United States is the leader in the geothermal growth as in 2007 it contributed to 4% of the countries renewable energy. As of September 2009, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming are generating power through geothermal reservoirs and by October 2009, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi will soon be joining as well. A total of 3152.72 installed capacity MW comes from the U.S with the Philippines following second with 1909 which was attained last year 2008.

It is said that every dollar invested in this resource, the output to the economy is $2.50. The investment for a 50 Megawatt reservoir would result in an output of $350 Million to the US economy hence a 1000 Megawatt; $2.8 Billion investment would give a $7 Billion economic output.

Once geothermal power is secured and its system properly in place with the economy, jobs would be more secured as shown by employees currently working for the industry for decades. Without the price fluctuating like oil and gas, job stability is more or less guaranteed as well as room for moving up in the industry. Even the industry when near perfection, will require very little or no fuel at all to operate. Due to misinformation, many still are skeptical with its environmental implications. Even the sight of smoke automatically says “pollution”. But the smoke that is seen is just water vapor and is released and some of it keeps generating more power. It is safe to know that with proper emission control, no harm comes to the environment. With the future looking bright, all may enjoy the luxury of relaxing in their own private hot springs.

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What is an energy audit?

There are several meanings that come to mind when the word “audit” comes up. For college students, an audit would be taking a class that wouldn’t be credited. For businesses, it means inspecting or verifying official business accounts by an external qualified accountant. However when one speaks of an Energy audit, it is a methodical and thorough examination, review or inspection of the current energy consumptions of a particular location with scrutiny. But for what end? Simply put, an energy audit is done to check how much of the energy used for cooling or heating is effectively used or wasted in an effort to minimize and cut down spending on high bills. Households may have the dilemma when seeing their power bills sky rocket and puts them with options of either purchasing cheaper or low quality environmental systems which barely provides comfort or just crank up the power when heat or cold is insufficient, causing the machines to work double time and doubling the bill. An energy audit takes a look at the whole living containment system and not just the energy providers. Even the most advanced cooling or heating system will not work up to par if there are places where air simply slips out or due to inadequate insulation.

Basically an energy audit pinpoints areas in one’s home where the energy is leaking or seeping out. One will be amazed on the tremendous loss of energy with multiple gaps, cracks or improperly closed windows or doors all over the house. Energy Audit can be done either by the owners by doing what is called a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit while the other option is the Professional Energy Audit. The first one requires the home owner to make a diligent and careful walkthrough of the entire home, locating possible areas for air leaks. Window and door frames that rattle is a definite indicator there is air leakage. Electrical outlets, gaps in baseboards, poorly sealed openings where pipes are installed or cracks due to wear-and-tear are also possible areas where heat or cold can either sneak in or out. Practical methods such as using an incense stick or wetting one’s hand can assist in finding the air leaks. By turning off all heat producing machines and appliances, closing all doors and windows, and turn on exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, air passing through the leaks will be stronger. As one walks through specific locations, the wavering smoke or coolness of the hand as the air hits it will help mark the spot that needs attention. There are remedies such as adding a rubber tape or door flaps that prevent air for leaking through the sides or under opening of the doors, or sealants to cover cracks.  Detecting and corrective sealing of leaks can give savings ranging from 5% to 30% on power. Poor insulation and ventilation is also a cause for running up the bills either by increasing the heat because it rapidly escapes or increasing the air-conditioner because the heat is trapped. Homes are built with an certain amount of insulation and older buildings are known to have lesser insulation.

For a more thorough and detailed audit, professional services can be used to go over each and every inch of the household. Data gathering is an essential step for professional auditing. Electric bills form the past months are studied, checking the thermostat readings per room and how much time are the rooms used and by how many people. The Blower Door Test is the most commonly used test. By sucking all the air out of the house using a fan and monitored by pressure gauges, with the data collated, the auditor can quantify how much air leakage is present. The Blower Door Test is also used to check if the sealing remedies are effective.

A Thermographic Scan is also an effective tool that auditors use. These tools use specially designed infrared video or still cameras that detect where there are heat build-ups, thermal envelopes, or drops of temperature in areas where heaters should be working. Both the Blower Door Test and Thermographic scans work well to give the most accurate picture of how the energy is being distributed throughout the household.

Having an energy audit done is a good investment for it will give savings for the future to come. Energy audits are also recommended for people who are scouting to purchase a new home. So before one thinks of replacing equipment to heat or cool the house, it may not be the problem. Devote some time to go around the house using the practical tools and it may lead you to a more comfortable home and a less empty pocket.

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In an effort to increase savings on power and heating bills, home owners are being more perceptive and aware that devices that change the temperature to living comfortably are not the sole focus for scrutiny when trying to decipher why the utility bill has run up so high. It has come apparent that the proper care of the entire living sphere contributes to whether ample heat or cold is available without under or over utilizing air-conditioners, water heaters and alike. Insulation of homes is a very wise investment if one studies and strategically locates and places the correct type of insulation as needed. An analogy of how insulation works is blowing up a balloon. If even a tiny hole is present and unnoticed, the person blowing it up would have to increase the frequency and force of breath in order to meet the desired size. However, even if it does meet the desired size, it won’t stay long. In the end, it would leave the person exhausted, without anything to show for it. Insulation is keeping unwanted heat and cold out, while keeping the needed warmth and coolness in, without over exerting machines and maximizing the needed temperature in the homes, and in the end creating 20% to 30% percent savings on power bills.

Upgrading one’s windows to modern dual pane are beneficial. These windows have an insulating gas between the two panes that reduces the temperature of the sun’s rays on hot days.  Reflective coatings such as E Low are also available as well as tints that prevent heat from being transferred inside while keeping the coolness in. Even specially designed frames of vinyl are an option for they diffuse heat better than traditional wooden ones.

Attics and ceilings are also of concern since the sun’s ray directly strikes them causing the home to get hotter due to the heat penetration and by the evenings, quite the opposite happens as the heat moves out thus creating cold. By using flexible materials or fibers, rock wool and others with insulating properties, blankets can be laid out beneath floor boards and under the roof to keep needed temperatures stable and consistent.

Cavities in walls can also be targeted as they can contain heat pockets and allow heat to pass through them. Loose-fill insulation that is composed of cellulose, fiber pellets, fiberglass and even rock wool can be blown into these places to make sure cavities are insulated. Hard to reach or fill places utilize this kind of insulation.

Water heater’s use can be maximized by having the pipes wrapped in foam insulation that prevents the heat loss when the water travels through the pipes and out the faucets or shower head. Even the heater itself can be covered properly to keep the heat in. However when dealing with machinery, it is best to consult the manufacturer or installer as to avoid any accidents.

It is important to note that going on a total renovation of adding insulation everywhere is not the key. A careful study and energy audit should be done to find the exact locations where energy is transferred and lost. Like do you need to insulate windows where the sun doesn’t strike? Also the type of insulation should be considered as well as the R-value. R-value is the measurement of the insulation. The higher the number, the more heat resistant it will be. Getting the right one is also the solution in helping lowering the power bills.

With all things in consideration as well as the proper maintenance of the home, machinery and insulation, one can expect a 30% or more drop in power consumption. So in the long run, getting insulation for one’s home is truly a wise investment and at the same time, you are working with nature and balancing it in everyday living.